Book of Permutation = Tale of a Dying House, 2021
Created by Harry Appleyard and Nuka Nayu

A story of incantation/birth in the form of a funeral through window-keeper spirits in the house, stories are realised through the process of making. Commissioned as part of the Bagri Foundation's Chang/ce series of new animations.  

Ik-male, 이크
Han-a-dol   한 아 돌
The upper demised.

The timbre,
when grant-tree de-parted 
Mane-taming pliant and sub-decisive,
Jittery and gutted up too,
Spreads = branches

How can small matters be so well-died back?

Nullifying; Khai was just a position,
A King, if kicks in,
Denying other than confusious...

Plate of heaven in ill-vent witting
Treating pressure dots
Accidentally remaking,
Anciently smothered corrections

Blame atpostrophere
To misprint intimidating perspexive
And sun parts string down through accordiance
moaning to feed mail-esque.

the god risen

the ruler of ruins returned to a skiving wind.
(Fifth achainber, planting humidity)

What’s now?
Hurt hereby

of shattered symbols
Retrying of mutual alienations

Hears come out and
Linen shoulders above godness
Conclude with express home critic


Searching neglection,
Swishing cloud occidation,
Heaps the silence,
Deferred a way to be delighted
To be lighted
Copied lantern,
All, now,
Dysphoric fragments.
Yielding the sun,