[comedy night at the pub set up where you were being checked by a door person if you had tickets or on the guest list, everyone had a designated seat. Alcoholic and none alcoholic drinks were provided to take it to the seat]

*a host of the show introduce a performer as if they were a comedian*

*a performer comes out from side of the stage, stood on top of the table*

*a performer tells people very not funny three stories as if it is a funny story for 10 min*

*performer comes down from the stage and approaches to the audience*

Performer: finally, now is your turn, do you guy any story to tell?'

*goes up to the guest*

Performer: Hello, what your name?
Audience: Me? Emily.
Performer: Emily?
Emily: Pasons.
Performer: Where do you live?
Emily: Brockley?
Performer: I live near Brockley too, which street?
Emily: Braxfield Road?
Performer: Braxfield Road? Oh one of my friends lives there too. Okay, do you have any fun stories to tell us?

Emily: Erm, I am not sure this if its a fun story, but something strange happened the other day. Basically, I was opening my bedroom window and I saw a women outside in the street wearing this horrible pink outfit, maybe a Sari and she was holding a pink hula hoop, she looked quite strange and she was walking like a model, then she took a piece of CHICKEN out of her handbag, she didn’t even eat it she was just chewed and spat out it. And she stayed there for a while as if she was on duty or something. I think she was getting randoms in the street to take photos of her as well, it was really weird.

*everyone asked to leave the room and come back*

*performer hands out pictures to everyone*

Performer: so, the lady is real, the performance was done in front of all your houses.