Kybalion, 2019

'The Oscar Wilde Temple Artists’ Group Performance Night', Studio Voltaire, London

Where were you before?
Open up Kybalion,
You are already what you’ll become
You have everything that you’ve prayed to have

Kybalion and three beans, things that I have never told you,
You are ruptured and torn by your own myth
You were there, but you have never let me in

Oh Kybalion,
Did you lose something in the past? I didn’t.
What would you do? What Would you do? What would You do?
I am wearing exactly what you’re wearing
Hold my hand Kybalion, you’re far away from home
Close your eyes Kybalion, you can be anywhere

I spoke to you in the ship.


I saw you, and (you) turned away.


I kissed you on the forehead.


Who’s behind you?
[whisper] Shouting shouting shouting shouting
Lapdog! Labadous! Lazalous!
It’s in the present but these are not real

It's the dream, Kybalion
You've written this to me before
You are everyone’s lover and I am the same love of your life
Feel the porcelain of mud, I was there and tethered. Away from you

[blow air]

Measure the height in the sky of light-word, it was all gone, well it was over

Who do you represent?
How many of them?
I am the trilogy that does not have an ending
Don’t you understand, Kybalion?
You are the sibling of your own goddex
The codex only you can answer

3, 45, (...) 1009, (...), 700, 1594,

My dear Kybalion, our promise is ticking away
You and I, Kybalion, the dim shine into the distance
Oh bless, bless Kybalion,
Circling round primroses,
So many nights were shrivelled,
taken apart from benty arrows

Smile Kybalion,
It will be the last, the first, and the only
Come and drink with me from the first grail of failure
What are you now? A cat? Hazel?

I am sorry,
you were thinking about me when I wasn’t thinking about you,
When you were looking into a pond,
I shined to you as a white sun, but I did not listen to you

Do you remember, Kybalion?
Don’t worry, I’ll cry for you now
Forget everything, even forget I was here
You will become me, I will be in you
Here, now, and then.