SLEEPAWAKE CHAOSKAMPF: A  cyborg ode, 2020


Degree show at Royal College of Art

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*lean on your laye^red skin*


In this nautical hanage, subtimes we sublime, falling over to the topmost. 23: Synking in ornaments of sax principals,

                                                   flooded by fogged prophecies.

888: A symbol of failing; acculturating metaphoric hexagram. Hence is texualised feather, stylised meader. 

23: Explicit HomO-genomic decibel, ㏈ie, look out for a monolithic vision of palms.

7: Simply You, sterile startle winter = un attainted carving machine; a multigator of thunder.

4^4^: Meingling rains... permeates pathos, a transmittssed iridescent state.

6767: FreezeeD euphoric tangs of troops in a liquefied, sealed capsuloulette.

41&5. An h,our, nations of Divi-ndication, standing on illuminating chordex.

&&&. Your elective between carnaged carriers, incandescent hyssteria & luminescent ordeal.

%%%: Act 2 of Retrieving shooting comfort via neuro-telephathy. 

Neuralgia: when mutants turned up to mum gatherings, rescued from Andromeda sea shore.

Prism: Isomorphic solution for atoms when things get overheated.

AHKin: a symbol of magnetic illution. Logoed revenge.


Relinkuish euphobia

Signite carcass w/fidelity

Trigram, may you %test in peace  




By K, ACE 4444

A cyborg ode

Heedful T-wink, 

b*reaching pores w/ paws

sushing my enamels  

craining under gum-bits

dipping toneme in your cell-rule-light

n*airly f(m)agicking

deviant thunders in your astray

Gazing under quasi-emptiness

spilling endwised forbidden regrets 

A mineral chandelier in the wilderness

never will tune, con-ture. Not true. 

innumerable heraldries

poverty of slips

Annexational dubbed algorithms



hankering to fire(d)!

Be-shield me to ban(s)hee

Iron all the gills & g&rills 

Veto, pique, envisage me

Fag your lucid masses

Relinquish confiscating Co(n)ffeessionalism

Granting atonement vaguely segregates

Emicing rat-cheat tower in exit exile(gile?) ventilation

Chi(ao), Zinkxing on sphinx

as Luminous so axiom