Zhang OO, Sade Arellano, Nicholas Delap, Emma Dolan, Jordan Edge, Arieh Frosh, Benjamin Hall, Yifan He, Elijah Kennedy, Nuka Nayu, Kerolaina Linkevica, Niamh Lynch, Kinnari Saraiya, and Ellie Towers.


SPUR.WORLD represents the first in a series of public programming events. Please join SPUR artists and mentors Thursday APRIL 8th, 2021 at 7pm GMT for the online tour and opening event to celebrate the launch of the virtual exhibition. Led by exhibiting artist and SPUR.WORLD developer Ben Hall, the event will consist of an informal walk-through of the exhibition and presentations by the SPUR artists.

Forthcoming virtual world additions include a collaborative project between Mycological Twist and a selection of SPUR Community artists to launch on April 15th, 2021. As well as a DAAD Futurist online environment developed by curator Helen Starr and artist Salma Noor in response to the artworks of SPUR artists Kinnari Saraiya, Nayu Kim, Benjamin Hall and Nicholas Delap – co-curated by Kinnari Saraiya.

SPUR.WORLD and resulting programming will be hosted by the following UK partners:

Arebyte, London
Chaos Magic, Nottingham
D-UNIT, Bristol
Eastside Projects, Birmingham
QUAD, Derby

SPUR is produced by Chaos Magic, Omsk Social Club and D-UNIT.

SPUR.WORLD Website: Joel Cocks and Multimodal
SPUR.WORLD Exhibition Build: Ben Hall
Graphic Design: PARADYME
Creative Producer:  Megan Broadmeadow
Head of Public Programme: Julia Greenway

SPUR is presented in partnership with Chaos Magic, D-UNIT, Omsk Social Club, Arts University Bournemouth, Liverpool John Moores University, Cursor, WARP, Resolume, and Palfrey. Strange Loop Games have generously provided support for the forthcoming micro residency in 'Eco' where SPUR community artists are working together to create a civilization on a virtual planet.

SPUR.WORLD and its public programme are generously supported by Arts Council England.
SPUR is produced and directed by Joey Holder

We, are now in the flow of,
Hexagram v%s Trigram of
sovereign’s run-a-gate with clipping lysimachoo,
Red Hot Mama
AKAt RAGG(er) H(ammm) Matrixxxx

Anduring-ascendant enthralled, once a säv(ə)rən, by-wychee-still to swoller.
ta̠ɭ-mationising withholding sea-graves, only to dial hurricane accelerator 
‘Swearing concrete’, a smut, subservience of f(l)og says
‘Ing-lot he̞nemy’, only to bare biolet re-volt. 

{wug {젉} wug 꽈 wɛ4 fiɛndɛ {흙} wug} 달, 피내리.

The ones that lipspy this card, idiolecticizing ox-xy-maroon harwk on the year of ex(ox)rcise.


Shrubs that fell into the nine net;
Twentie for, divided into Six-teeth forth,
hence becomes front forty-figh(t).

Prosopopeia or catalysis,
Quite the enzymes for disaster-sis,
Dialecturing in perennial behaviours,

Floor show:
Re-faults it, de-faulted that? = A loaded Vowl-haul of gunmatt
Puniching murky heir,
Felt stubby inside of bana(l-a)na w/ a sly smile,
Wayving, down 
to oIL-mobile pirate holder,

Anako-no-east: we test in adorned forteing unwanted garden
'Antako-no-east: we rest in adored unwonted forkarten'

Quote of the day.
‘You speak vertically’,

At lower level,
Shimmering letters,
lustrums are shocked, manipulated and feasible.
Stumbpling around mountains for slander

Touret of the B.
Inhealer of short-ice,
Frailing of upnobs.

comes in ‘swallow me’
h(A)unt yet,
augmented nostalgia,
you are innumbered undre your meetflowers. 

Ambit-Vision un-horizonal, 
Cut forward, ellaborated skepticism,
Excerpt in hexadecima, 

of the metallic gesture, bedent in the xone.
get_monadic core of evened hellium.
let laminate all in-crease