Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi. Listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me. Focus on my voice carefully. I love you. I really love you. Listen to me. Listen my, my, voice. Yes, voice, and now it is your voice.

Just listen to me and now you close your eyes and open your eyes again, look. Look around. Doesn't it look beautiful? Why are you wincing? Can you not see? Or you don’t want to see, you don’t want be seen. Open your bloody eyes and open your in cold blood heart, but don’t open it too hard, if you do, you might fall over like me. Don’t open the door because I am behind of that door and I am scared of darkness and brightness. Let’s just focus onto my voice.

I would like to listen to my own voice, and I would like to go to the different factory. This is not a fair and this is not fair, it would be fair if I knew what you have been doing until now. I would like to know who I am talking to right now. This is a fairy ferry we are getting on. We both live with a cat and an elephant in the room. We always have been together, you are with me and I am alone. So then come here my love and listen to my voice, which is coming to you right now just like your mum. Yes I am mental.

Listen to me, I know I sound creepy and crazy, I get that. But whatever. You might need to listen to me for a while, maybe about five minutes. do you know why? I think you know. It is because you care about every other things, every single person and every single pigeon and the world but me.

Just listen to me. Forget about other people. Forget about everything but me. I am here to make you hear. I sound like rapper right now, rhyming is so much fun though, such fun, yeah that old, old, old lady in the comedy show program, laugh like that, honey. Let’s just laugh at everything and everything will be beautiful, So don’t even think about committing suicide, because if you do, I have no reason to die. Cut everything by tiny little pieces and give all to me. And listen to me.

You probably want to look at your phone right now because you are boring. Yeah, you are bored. Yeah of course, because I am bored too and I am boring as well as you. Then, listen to my boring voice, be quite and be careful. Just listen to me my love.
Even though you can’t even understand me, YOU CAN NOT. EVER. NEVER. EVER. This is like me just mumbling into your eyes, one eye even, even better and even worse.

Where are you going? Where is your cat? Do you even have a cat? Where is your mum? Where do you live? Just come here listen to me. I know somebody someone somewhere still can hear me, me, you, me, my love and my satisfaction.

Listen to me. Listen to me. Okay? All those rhythmical voices are jumping around my head and your head. YOU AND ME. You are my old constipation.

I don’t even know you, I don’t know anything about in this universe and university, I have got no clue and this will be forever. And you don't even know me, but I love you, so LISTEN TO ME MY LOVE. Think about your head to toe, feel it, just feel your head to toe, your tiny little toenail sticking into your tiny little pinky toe. And LISTEN TO ME. Just focus on the light surrounds you and listen carefully my light voice.

Pasona, aura, cat piss, aromatheraphy in the salmon salon. Powdery air, and there is something special about it. Just listen to me, I know I don’t make any sense, nonsense ever forever, viva nonsense sensual sensation, I am serious though, I am. Let’s just get over this.

LISTEN TO ME. Can you do that? Do you like that? Do you even like me? I can just shove this hand into your hands, my hands are cold, and it is cold outside baby. Hold my hands, I know. JUST IMAGINE IT. ACTUALY, DON’T TOUCH ME. I’ve got an allergic reaction to humans and synonyms, especially all those beautiful creatures in the world. I love them all. I hate them all. I hate you and hate all of you. Listen to me, alright? Are you alright?

HEY LISTEN. I am waiting I have been waiting for this for a really long time, I am always waiting, it makes me angry but I love it at the same time, can you believe this? I like waiting. I am waiting right now. I am waiting for you, and I am watching at you right now. Right now.
Listen to me. I feel like you are never going to. It makes me so emotional, but it is okay. I would like to say that I don’t need you but I do need you and I am not embarrassed to say that you are embarrassed to hear that more like, but you need me too.

Listen. I can’t believe I am talking to you, I thought it was a dream until now, Yeah dreams come true, ah life. I could, and I would like to say that you are my life and my wife.

Listen to me. At least this moment something is shouting onto my eyes, my left eye gets wet and it feels real. Listen to me, control your body, control yourself, and control me with your eyes and ears.

Hey IT’S DYNAMIC, DYNAMIC… like diagram. D… i… a …..aaaa…. gram. Just listen to me. Come talk to me. Come talk to me. Come meet me. I am waiting for you to come here and listen to me and I will listen to you too. I love you.