Wickenings Observes, 2022

Installation with video proejction 

In Collaboration with An M for super sonic (Beasianz) at London Short Film Festival, Rich Mix, London

A message from a with-n(l)ess

Siren 1.
Eyes having a gate,
Pipes having holes?,
A dead thought?,
visible mirror *no liquid*

Smog 2.
I see things running without any purpose,
splashing pitbulls
I say, I am watching at you, your eyes on my witness
I say again, I do not hear your attitude, Where is your rhythm in all these?
There seem to not any-time in here
you shouldn't be here, don't remember coming in here
I can't grasp a single lyme in this song
I am inch more sucken each time I pinch
I push the ground, the ground comes back up
Did I ever feel my own gravity?

Scene no. 3
There there now,
Detach-e, dead-er & deapth.
An octopus full of Obstacles
Senses it, dont, felt it
No journey began,
without us
still, stilled waking up

your mystic skin, the mysterious water
Me, a sunken chested-metal
Love, once and for all